Opera Gives A Rebirth To Its Browser By Opera Reborn 3

Opera Reborn 3 launch

Opera forayed the game of the Internet Browser in the year 1995. Over the years it has evolved as the facade of the fast and secure browser. Now, Opera has taken a rebirth with the latest browser for the Mac, Linux, and Windows as Opera 60. It is codenamed as Reborn 3. The Reborn 3 includes a web browser, cryptocurrency wallet, and free VPN.

Reborn 3 also has additional features like an inbuilt ad blocker, enhances security and privacy features to build trust among the consumers. It carries forwards its unlimited VPN or Virtual Private network which hides the geographical details of the users.

“We believe these features should constitute the new standard of browsing and that users shouldn’t settle for anything less. After all, the browser remains the most important application through which you interact with the Web over many hours each day.,” Opera spokesperson said. The company touted that it will add the cryptocurrency wallet to its lightweight version of the web browser. “With this major upgrade, we are taking the first step into Web 3, the new web, where users are in control. We believe every browser in 2019 should be Web 3-ready.”, spokesperson added.

The official statement from Opers says,  “Cryptocurrency and blockchain offer a new level of security for online transactions. A Crypto Wallet functions similarly to a physical wallet in that it not only stores currency, but it houses your identification. It presents a completely secure way for you to identify yourself to websites. Users are able to complete peer-to-peer transactions, bypassing major corporations who previously monopolized these processes. Non-fungible tokens represent entirely unique digital objects that cannot be replicated; you can truly own digital things. Decentralized apps, or dApps, are a possibility for apps to function independent of the device they are accessed on.”

Earlier, the Crypto News India news had reported that it lets the user buy Etherum through the browser. This new feature is only limited to the Android version of the App. And the services are available to residents of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark as the services are offered through brokerage firm Safello. “The Web 3 explorer feature in Opera lets you access applications on the Ethereum blockchain also known as dApps.”, the statement added.

The latest version of Opera is flattering with its borderless designs in dark and light themes. “At Opera, we want to improve the quality, privacy, and security of your web browsing and to give you access to features other browsers don’t yet have.” This has made the Opera come out as the shoulder to shoulder rival for Google Chrome browser.


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