Reborn Of Google Plus In The Name Of “Currents”


    Last week, Google cemented its Google Plus and has had started the process of deleting the data on it. But now Google Plus for G Suite, an enterprise who strived to take on big giants like Facebook, and Twitter has witnessed a reborn in the name of “Currents”.

    Google on Wednesday said that the Currents will be in a similar look to Google Plus. The consumer’s post on Google plus will automatically transfer to the Currents. The company has also transferred its Google+ team to the currents. Google unveiled the news at San Fransisco also telling about spreading of their wings to Seoul, South Korea, and Salt Lake City in the US.

    According to Google, the new app “enables people to have meaningful discussions and interactions across your organization, helping keep everyone in the know and giving leaders the opportunity to connect with their employees.” Hence, Google has made the app more streamlined and make it easier to post and tag. The tech giant accelerated the process of shutting down the application after a vulnerability of leaked 5,00,000 personal data to third-party developers was exposed.

    “To run a consumer social network at the scale of consumer G+ requires a lot of resources and efforts, as you can imagine. And that’s partially the reason we decided to sunset that product, as we just didn’t feel it was worth that investment given the user base on that. But it basically frees up that team to focus on the enterprise vision.” Vice President of Google Products, David Thacker said.

    Currents will also have a launch of the new feature analytics. When people are posting on Currents, whether it’s executives trying to engage their employee base, they want to see how that’s resonating. And so we built in some pretty rich analytics,” David added.

    Many of the people don’t know that its the second time, Currents is revamping itself as an app. Currents first version launched in 2011as a social magazine app and later took over by Google Newstand, which later replaced it as Google News.

    The new enterprise app Currents is still in Beta version, admins can have access to it by contacting it to [email protected].


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