WWDC: iOS 13 Mac Pro And Much More Announced


At the Keynote speech on June 3rd at San Jose, California Apple announced the brand new iOS 13, Mac Pro, iPad, TV and Watch. Since 2009 Apple has been announcing new iOS and this year Apple announced iOS 13.

On Monday, at the Keynote speech, Apple developers announced new dark mode on iOS 13 with updated apps. The brand new software on iPad and brand new features on voice control specially designed for disabled people.

iOS 13

The latest version of the iPhone operating system was announced at the Keynote speech. The new version of iOS 13 unlocks Face Recognition 30% faster than before. The new update features an easy installation of apps.

The launch speed will be twice as of now on the new system, the entire system has been redesigned along with the new dark mode, the keyboard now will allow you to swipe across the letters, easing the effort to type every single letter.

At the privacy front, Apple has introduced the brand new sign-in with Apple feature which will allow the users to get control over the personal data they share on Google and Facebook. This feature allows a privacy control to its users by asking users to share their email address, the users can choose their real address r can have Apple choose one for them, which automatically will be forwarded to the original e-mail address.

A Home-kit secure video is also introduced which will analyze home security footage in the house before it is encrypted and sent to iCloud. Siri has been updated to a more natural voice, Siri will also work with Third-party apps now such as Car Play, Pandora and Waze.

A smoother transition on audio has been updated, users can share music or podcasts playing through their Airpod to Homepod.

Mac Pro

The brand new Mac Pro comes for $6,000. This is said to be the most powerful computer ever, This new system offers robust features for professionals dealing with large files such as videos, Apple developers have also introduced a brand new feature called Afterburn, this feature allows to process 6 million pixels per second to access more efficient video editing.

This Mac Pro comes to you with 1.5 terabytes and 1.4kW power supply. The product will be available from this fall starting at $5,999. Apple developers introduced a 32-inch display called Pro Display XDR.

iTunes will be no longer needed, instead, iTunes has been split into 3 different apps, Apple Music, Apple Podcast and Apple TV. There no longer need of syncing the iTunes to Computer.


iPad OS is designed for multi-tasking users will be able to switch between apps more smoothly, or even have two windows next to one another. Typing and scrolling will be easier, users will be able to shrink the size of the keyboard which will allow typing with a single hand.

Major changes include the new operating system of iPad OS which is based upon iOS 13, this will allow the users to have a more of a traditional desktop system.

Sharing files will be easier with via new folder sharing iCloud. The browser will unlock a new keyboard feature along with new shortcuts and download manager.


Apple developers have announced that the TVOS will have a redesigned homepage allowing different profiles to have their own “up next” list.

Apple TV operating system will now support X-box and Playstation controllers for playing games.


Apple developers have announced more apps on Watch, including voice memos, audiobooks, and calculators.

The new WatchOS makes it more independent from the iPhone, users will be able to update the apps and software directly and also live stream audio.

The new watch will include updated health features, including alerting the users if they’re prone to a highly loud environment.


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