New York: Lawmakers Swift To Crack The Final Deals


Lawmakers of New York announced a set of agreements on Monday, that is to be finalized. The focus was on extending labor protection rights for the farmworkers and a standard change to work with sexual-harassment cases. Although there have been no deals on the legalization of Marijuana.

A Democrat from Manhattan mentioned that Marijuana bill is undergoing a few changes, and will be considered by the Democrats who hold the office. A lobbyist involved in negotiations said that the lawmakers still had to revise about how the taxes earned from Marijuana will be spent.

Whether recreational Marijuana will be allowed to be sold at localities, either via public referendums, or votes of the municipal government could have the option of in and out of Marijuana sales.

On Monday Senators approved a bill by 33-29 votes, a bill that would allow illegal immigrants to apply for driver’s license state. Republicans voted against the bill, joined by seven Democrats although the bill was already passed State assemble and the Government. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat signed the bill to its approval.

After many decades of struggles and pushing, farm laborers finally have a sigh of relief. They will now be allowed at least one day of rest in a week, and extra payment if they work for more than 60 hours in a week.

An appellate last month pointed out that the farm workers have the right to form unions, and the bill will prohibit farmers from going on strikes, considering agricultural businesses, vote regarding this bill is possible to be cast on Wednesday.

Another bill was signed which will make it easier for the employees to file the case against sexual harassment, by removing the need to prove that the harassment was “severe or pervasive”, a set of stand by the previous court decisions.

By a 57-5 vote, members of the state Senate approved a measure legalizing mobile sports betting. New York will now allow casinos to accept wagers on sporting events starting this summer.


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