US Women’s Games Generated More Revenue Than Men


In the past three years, US women’s games generated more revenue as compared to Men’s games. This change was noticed after the US women’s team won the soccer World Cup in the year of 2015.

The ability of the women’s team to generate revenues which are equal or more than men’s revenue is the main concern of issue at the lawsuit filed against federation regarding Women’s March 8 gender discrimination.

In the lawsuit, all the 28 members of the US women’s international have alleged against the fact that the US Soccer has paid them less than what has been paid to the men’s team, also denying them of paying equal, training level conditions and promoting their games less.

US Soccer has made revenue generation as its key part of the defense. US Soccer’s legal response to the lawsuit filed was that the men’s and women’s organizations are two different ones and that their entire payment is depended on the aggregate generated with the revenues which do not consider any biases of different sex.

From the year of 2016 to the year of 2018, women’s soccer has generated about $50.8 millions as compared to $49.9 million with men, this was according to the US soccer’s audited financial settlements.

In 2016, women’s soccer generated $1.9 billion more than that of men, game revenues are mostly made up of the sales in the tickets.

“The event revenue from the USWNT demonstrates that the potential can be realized when an investment is made, while there is still a long way to go, I applaud US Soccer and their partners, and our partners for marketing new initiatives over the past couple of years. I hope it serves as a case study for other federations and also around the world.” said, Becca Roux executive director of the Women’s national team’s player association.

While the US Soccer has declined in commenting on this issue.


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