US-Tehran Tensions Have Relatively High Chances Of Escalation


On Monday a former advisor to the Iranian government said that chances of the US-Tehran conflict turning into something bigger are very very high.

Since the past month, the tensions have been rising between Iran and the US. Last week Iran claimed to have shot a US drone that entered its territory, although the US claimed that it was looking over the international airspace.

These tensions have provoked the oil prices to take a rise. Investors are afraid that an attack on Iran could disrupt the energy flow between the middle-east, Iran being one of the largest producers and exporters of the oil.

Fereidun Feshraski a former advisor to the Iranian government said, “We have to remember that Iran is a regional superpower. US says ‘I’ll put you in the box die. They are not going to stay in a box and just die”

Fereidun Feshraski is now a chairman of oil and gas consultancy Facts Global Energy. He told CNBC, “Iran will strike back one way or the other; I think chances of tensions becoming bigger is very very high in the near future.”

When Iran shot down the US drone, President Trump had ordered military forces to strike on Iran although, it was later called off, when President Trump heard the number of deaths it could cause.

Chances of conflict are 50% as of now, It might not be a ‘full war’ although the conflict will disrupt the energy supplies, said Fereidun Feshraski.

The tensions between both countries have risen in May last year when Donald Trump denied signing the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran. In the past month, there were attacks on ships at the Gulf Of Oman for which Washington instantly blamed Iran of, although Tehran denied from all of the allegations.

Since there have been no proofs to those attacks no action was withdrawn.


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