Another Startup Closes Its Operation In London


Earlier this week, Uber, the ride-hailing giant, was banned from running its operations in London, due to the vulnerabilities found in the app that could have put customers’ safety at risk. Currently, Zebra Fuel Ltd., a fuel delivery startup, ceased its operations in London for unspecified reasons; however, it’s clear that the startup has not been banned due to regulatory affairs.

The three-year-old startup informed its customers that it’s “no longer” delivering fuel in London and expressed “sincere apologies for any inconvenience this causes you and hope that you have enjoyed using our services”. Zebra Fuel aims to bring convenience to its customers by eliminating the need to wait in long queues for refueling their vehicles.

With the help of the company’s app, Londoners could book a slot time to refuel their cars and Zebra Fuel’s trained personnel would come to the destined location to provide their services. The startup proposes that their services help cut emissions and congestions at gas stations. To make money, Zebra Fuel would fill the tanks of company-owned minivans with fuel from wholesaler suppliers. For the customers, the price of fuel is more or less the same as local gas stations.

Last year, Zebra raised $2.5 Million in seed funding. The company also plans to expand its portfolio in on-demand electric chargers and other vehicle-related services. As of now, the startup only provides diesel fuel on the doorstep. Looking over its delivery radar, it primarily delivered in and around London, which makes the situation look suspicious if it’s ceasing the operation completely in the area.

At present, there are seven gas delivery startups, most of which are based in the US. Out of these, Booster is a leading startup having raised funds worth $93 Million till date.


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